Spring has sprung

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By , September 19, 2010 8:44 pm

The first shoots

Well, it’s spring time downunder – which means it’s time to get that bloomin’ garden finished and get some stuff planted. I don’t care what it is, just get it planted! Weather is lovely and it’s not long until the Abinetts descend on us so we better get cracking!!


The second raised bed is well underway – in fact, pretty much finished as of this weekend. It just needs the ‘decking’ finished to the top and, of course, the sides clad and painted to match the first one I built. It’s at least finished enough to plant the poor, poor trees we bought nearly a year ago and have been sat, suffering, in their pots ever since! We still need some more soil (which will be ordered tomorrow) but we had enough ‘good stuff’ to get the trees planted. You could almost hear them sighing relief!

Raised bed 2!

We also got the raised bed No 1 re-planted with some herbs (this is going to be ‘herb bed’ – with the new one ‘veg bed’!). We learnt alot from last year so we’re spacing them out a bit more and giving the basil etc much more room! Plans for the veggie bed include cherry tomatoes, leek, courgette, potatoes and carrots.

We did try to plant seeds in the ‘herb’ raised bed a couple of weeks ago but the cats did a good job of digging them up. So we decided we needed to grow some in small pots and then plant them when they were big enough to stand up to Molly and Myrtle!

Fingers crossed….

Pots finally filled!!!

Oh! And on a side note we have FINALLY managed to plant something in the three pots from Mum and Dad M!!! It’s only been 9 months! We found some lovely succulents which have gone in them. See left!

Serious Stuff!

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By , September 19, 2010 5:21 pm

I don’t even know if I’ve got an audition yet, but it’s serious stuff this Masterchef practice. My Nic and Jamie challenge is proving to be more than just a crazy idea, as it’s forcing me to cook things that I wouldn’t ordinarily bother!


A prime example of one such recipe is mayonnaise. Mayonnaise is something I always buy. Now we’re in Oz mayonnaise is one of the few things that I pay extra for to get the imported British stuff (the other would be chocolate if I could find it!), as good old Helmann’s is tricky to beat. Some things are worth spending extra time to make from scratch, but I’m just not convinced that mayonnaise warrants the extra effort.

But just to prove I can, I did! And I did it with a hand whisk, not my beloved mixer, and the only reason I bothered was because there is a very slim chance that I might get an audition for Masterchef and mayonnaise really is one of those things you should be able to make from scratch. And I have to say it tasted quite good, and was the perfect accompaniment to my homemade chips :)

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