Early morning trip to Bondi

By , March 11, 2012 4:46 pm

So as I keep mentioning this summer in NSW has not been a great one. In fact many people are calling it the worst they can remember (it certainly is the worst we can remember, but we’ve only been here 5 years!).

However, it seems that summer has decided to show it’s face again – now it’s officially autumn! So we decided on an early morning trip to Bondi Beach with a couple of friends – just a trip to take some photos, enjoy the early morning light, watch the surfers and have a lovely breakfast.

It certainly has been a lovely day, only marred by the fact that one of our cats (Molly) has not been seen since Friday morning – hopefully she is ok. I keep reminding myself of when our cat in the UK (Macy – remember her?!) went walkabout for 2-3 days. We were pretty worried about her but she turned up safe and sound and smelling of cigar smoke! So we assumed that she must have been to stay with an OAP (sorry – I’m not saying all OAP’s smoke cigars but this is the story we had in our heads ok?) who spoiled her rotten!

Anyway – some photos for you….

7.30am at Bondi Beach - not a bad way to start the day

The morning light was lovely

The crowds just starting to arrive for a day of baking...

Surfers catching the early waves

Going for a surf

The famous Bondi Icebergs pool getting a bashing

Until next time….

Oh and if you see a tabby cat looking lost, please give us a call!

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