No bike = new toy

By , March 17, 2011 9:48 pm

Well I have been without a motorbike for nearly a month now!

It started having problems when we went on our momentous trip down to see the motoGP near Melbourne when it wouldn’t start.

In the pouring rain.

On the freeway.

Not 2 hours out of Sydney.

Anyway, I’m not bitter – I love my bike and doesn’t seem to do anything wrong, up until now. So anyway – long story short – my bike broke. Regulator/rectifier (whatever THAT is), alternator, battery. All dead/burnt out. Parts needed to be ordered in from the UK (it’s a Triumph, after all) and nearly 4 weeks later here I am. Still on the bus.

In fact I thought it was all over today as they had the main ‘problem’ bit (the alternator) had arrived and been fitted – all good – or so I thought. Just as I was walking out of work to go and collect my bike (with a big smile on my face), I got a call from the shop saying that my battery was dead and I needed a new one. But they wouldn’t have any until tomorrow!! So I turned on my heels and headed for the bus again!

So tomorrow, I am told, I will get my beloved bike back. And about time too. I’m getting pretty fed up of having to rely on public transport to get me to and from work.

Anyway, the point of this blog. Well I have a friend at work who brought in a little remote control helicopter – and I was hooked! So I had to go out and get one, such good fun whilst my other toy is off the road!

Here’s a video of me having a go!

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