There goes the beer fridge…

By , February 9, 2011 7:43 pm

Duck starts curing

So we all know that Nic just LOVES to cook, that’s no secret at all! But she has now got ANOTHER project on the go!

She is still doing the Nic and Jamie project and if you are following the progress you will know that she has finished the first book and given her appraisal (!). She is now onto book two (The Return of the Naked Chef) and blasting her way through it!

Anyway, she now has a new and very exciting project on the go – CHARCUTERIE! – which includes all sorts of cured meats.

Wot no beer?!

She has started a new blog called which is now devoted to her food exploits, currently being the charcuterie challenge, CHARCUTEPALOOZA – have a look on the website for an idea of what’s going on. But basically Nic is part of 300 other bloggers across the world who are completing a monthly charcuterie challenge, followed by blogging about it on the 15th of each month. Completing all 12 challenges means you are in with a shout of winning a trip to France to go to a cookery school, amongst other things! The winner is picked on the quality of the blogs (obviously they can’t taste the produce) – but it’s all good fun!!


Anyway, round to the title of this post – curing meats requires very specific temperature and humidity, which means my (un-official) beer fridge in the garage has been commandeered to be a curing fridge! Nic bought a gadget which maintains the fridge temperature at 16 degrees (or whatever other temp you want) so it’s warm beer from now on…..

Not that I am complaining mind you (I may find another fridge on ebay…), she has already completed the first challenge which was home made bacon. She’ll be blogging about it on on the 15th of this month so make sure you check it out!! All I can say is, she (well, we) thought that it hadn’t worked, but it was spectacular!!! THE BEST BACON EVER.

Till next time…

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